The Path of Soul-Centered Coaching

What does it look like to work with me? My work with clients is two-fold. I access the home and make note of the areas of blocked energy. I look at the corresponding areas of the body and life situations they represent. Then I work with my clients through Soul-Centered coaching and we begin to unwind the unconscious stories and limiting beliefs that have taken hold in their hearts and start to heal those through radical self-forgiveness and heartfelt reprogramming.

Once the internal process is realigned, then we are ready to address the home, the external. Furniture can be moved, bushes trimmed, lights added, vibrant art or soothing water features and yes, even the traditional cures of crystals and wind chimes can have a place. The difference is that now, the external changes become empowered touchstones reminding us of the internal lessons learned. The more frequently we see these external reminders, the more new neural pathways are created. This allows us to reinforce the new changes we wish to make a part of our permanent reality. We literally become the alchemical process and “as within, so without” becomes our mantra as we live in conscious alignment with our soul’s purpose as creative beings evolving and expressing at the highest level possible throughout our lives!

The Interior Alchemy: Soul Centered Coaching Process:

  1. Identify the area of your life that feels stuck or is currently challenging.
  2. Uncover the limiting beliefs, judgments, and stories you have built around the challenges by asking yourself: “What have I made this mean about them, the situation or myself? How have I judged them, the situation or myself?”
  3. Work the Process with Spiritual Psychology counseling techniques to release the limiting beliefs and replace them with what is actually TRUE by asking yourself: “Why have I drawn this into my life? Why has this happened for me? What could my Soul be trying to teach me in this situation?”
  4. Affirm the higher Truth of the other, the situation and/or yourself.
  5. Map the challenging areas of your life using the Bagua in your space.
  6. Activate your interiors with modern Feng Shui techniques, to anchor and reinforce your intentions. 
  7. Add gratitude to raise the vibration.

Interior Alchemy is an integrative process. You can deeply benefit from applying either part (soul-centered coaching and feng shui) or make a more powerful transformation through their combination. It all depends on your personal needs. I can help you clarify which is best for your situation.

Laura Vida, The Interior Alchemist, is a Feng Shui Master, Geomancer, Interior Designer, and International Top Selling Realtor and holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. Laura is devoted to helping her clients create lasting change by offering a higher perspective on healing in order to align with ones souls purpose more fully. She can be reached at or reach out for a free 30-minute discovery session by visiting and learning more about how we can work together.

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