Group Coaching Program

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  • Enrollment is open a few times during the year, and each session runs for 6 weeks.
  • Groups are kept small for maximum interaction and personal guidance.
  • We meet weekly for 60+ minutes, with 30 minutes for Q & A at the end.
  • You’ll receive my gorgeous interactive workbook, Interior Alchemy –
    A Soulful Approach to Feng Shui, as the course syllabus.
  • Class will be hosted on Zoom. Before each week’s call, you will receive a link.
    If you miss a class, no worries – I’ll send out the recording later that day!
  • At the end of each class, you will be given specific feng shui assignments
    to apply and practice what you’ve learned.


  • Assessing the Space – What to look for and how to use your senses, emotions, and perception to discern the best place to begin.
  • The Spiritual Message of Your Clutter – Soulful Decluttering techniques to free up energy and prepare the space for Feng Shui activations.
  • Secrets of the Five Elements- How to use the Creative and Calming Cycles to activate or balance a space.
  • Applying the Feng Shui Energy Map – How to orient it correctly on your home, the land, a room, or desk. How to handle Missing Areas and identify Extensions.
  • Activating Your Space – How to use traditional and modern Feng Shui remedies to elevate the energy of your space and enhance your life.
  • How and when to use the transcendental “Three Secret Reinforcement,” traditionally only passed down only verbally from mentor to student, to powerfully activate your life.
  • Common home challenges I see during consults and the appropriate remedies for any issue your house may have.
  • Space clearing rituals for regular energetic cleanses, as well as “deeper clearing” methods you might need during acute or chronic challenges.
  • Resources for maintaining a high vibration in your space.
  • Answers to your personal Feng Shui questions!
Laura Vida - Interior Alchemy - 3 Reasons to join me

…for your
Feng Shui
journey of

1. I’m divulging my best secrets gleaned over 30 years of practicing Feng Shui, geomancy, space clearing, interior design, and spiritual psychology. And sharing fascinating experiences from past consults—of personal stories and successes-to help you learn in a deeply transformative and exciting way!

    2. Since everyone’s home and situation differ, you’ll learn how to address multiple challenges on many levels. There will be various curiosities and questions in the group that will enhance what you’ll learn and leave the course with.

      3. The pace and schedule are dictated by you and delivered in digestible bites, so you can get the most value and support from our time together and know how to apply Feng Shui principles to any space with confidence.

        Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » COURSES

        I’m Laura Vida, the founder of Interior Alchemy,
        and I’m passionate about your home!

        Honestly, I’m insatiably curious about the way people live, why we choose the environments we do, and how we can make them soulful and supportive of our life’s dreams and intentions.

        I bring three decades of experience as a Feng Shui Practitioner, Interior Designer, Geomancer, and an International Top-Selling Realtor. Plus, I hold a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology along with multiple feng shui certifications.

        I’ve taught feng shui since 1993 for museums, hospitals, continuing education, interior designers, architects, and private clients.

        Most importantly, I honor the path of living in harmony with the forces of nature and believe in the power of aligning with our souls’ wisdom to guide our destiny.

        I trust in the transformational practice of feng shui to harness the beneficial energy in nature to help us live our best lives…and after thirty years, I know it really works!

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