“I have had the great pleasure of seeing Laura Vida shine as the Interior Alchemist. Her intuition and wisdom, coupled with her attention to detail make her the perfect person to help people bring much-needed balance into their life and within their home. Laura is truly gifted at shifting inner and outer spaces, almost before your eyes! Her genuine care and interior wizardry are truly transformative, inspirational…and fun! ”

Kristina Ashley, Author of All was Love – Sedona, AZ

Laura was there for me during one the most difficult moments in my life, as a counselor and interior designer. When my home caught fire, Laura was present from day one. It began with her expression of loving compassion and support as I walked through my smoke filled and damaged home in total shock. My outlook morphed from trauma to excitement as she helped me see the fire’s blessing, which was the opportunity of transforming my home in ways that I had always wanted but wasn’t sure I deserved. She provided her clear counsel and feng shui expertise as we made the choices regarding the flooring, kitchen cabinets and backsplash updating, the bathroom remodel, and color choices that flowed exquisitely. She helped me have confidence in the choices I made in my home and for myself. She insisted on nothing less than perfection from the contractors. As a result, I am left with a home that reflects me in ways I had only dreamed of and a heart that was healed. I am and will always be grateful to her.

Linda Rogers, Sedona AZ

“Working with Laura has been and is a refreshing experience. She has helped me uncover patterns and beliefs that were holding me back in life, both physically and emotionally. She is an extremely knowledgeable health coach and counselor and both clear and compassionate during the process. This makes it easy to move forward and through the issue! It has been a pleasure and honor to work with her. As a Realtor, I have also had her stage my listings. She is a whirling dervish of design who knows how to showcase a property in the most pleasing light. and I highly recommend her services!”

Gina Tartamella, Realtor, Sedona AZ

“The house looked mesmerizingly amazing. I cannot compliment you enough on how impressive your staging of the interior is. Even my husband was talking about it and he is not the type to even notice things like that! The whole house has a wonderful harmony and energy. Your feng shui expertise really is stunning! I felt such peace and joy in the living room when I sat down after an exhausting day.”

Janet Mac Intyre, Tucson, AZ

“Laura is a rare find. She gives you total focus and fully listens to your needs. She does not promise an easy fix or no pain through the process but the changes you notice and her emotional guidance left me with a confidence that has changed my life in every area for the better. She helps the whole mental, emotional and physical with great care and honesty.”

Lee Jeans, CHLMS Associate Broker