Laura is a sought after workshop leader, educator, speaker, and writer. Her specialty is in exploring solutions to life challenges in a practical and down to earth manner, while creating harmony and beauty. 

Her keynote presentations are dynamic and interactive, providing creative and easy to apply solutions to today’s most challenging situations. Her knowledge comes from decades of experience feng shui’ing , designing and selling thousands of homes.

She is an effective and integrative Soul-Centered Coach and Spiritual Advisor with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

Laura is available for private intensives, group intensives, workshops, classes, coaching, and interviews.

How I Found My Footing in a New Career – Thrive Global

I could hear the sounds of celebration, champagne bottles popping, music playing, and vibrant conversation as I entered the white stucco mansion that was sponsoring this year’s awards ceremony. I was invited to an exclusive gathering honoring the top twenty realtors in my city.


The Light Ahead – How I Left My Hard-Won Career to Follow My Dreams – SHEVOLVE

I’m honored to share my story with you. The story of how I connected to my intuition and allowed my heart to guide me towards the light ahead. How I shifted from a career in Real Estate to a thriving business that feeds my soul.


Money and God: Discover the Beliefs that Block You – SHEVOLVE

This morning I was thinking about money and God. I was contemplating wealth and wondering where I was blocked in this area. You see, I recently left an eighteen year career in real estate to follow my dream of being an author, teacher, and speaker of spiritual concepts. The past week I’ve been feeling fear and constriction rise up around money. Questions circled in my head and haunted my dreams.