Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA

Hi there, I’m Laura Vida.
Spiritual Psychologist, Feng Shui Expert
& Founder of Interior Alchemy

I’m insatiably curious about how our
surrounding reflects our consciousness, and how our physical and emotional state mirrors our beliefs. I believe by creating spaces with soul and upleveling our health-we will attract our
hearts’ desires.

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA
Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA

Deep Dive

As a certified red Ribbon Professional from The International Feng Shui Guild, I’ve been a Feng Shui Practitioner, Interior Designer, Geomancer, and an International Top-Selling Realtor for almost three decades. I hold a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and multiple certifications in both BTB and Compass School Feng Shui, plus a plethora of other certifications in the esoteric arts.

I’ve taught Feng Shui since 1993 for museums, hospitals, continuing education, interior designers, architects, and private clients. I’m a keynote speaker, writer, and contributor to various publications and media outlets and am an instructor for Radical Rebounding in Sedona Arizona. 

Today, my practice is a blend of Feng Shui, Geomancy (the study of earth energies and how they affect us), Holistic Health, and Spiritual Psychology.

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Up Next

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA

I’ve just completed my first book, a moving and immersive memoir that spans lifetimes about a woman’s search for a love that transcends time.

A fated marriage to her past life captor sends her down a perilous path of self-discovery – from a remote log cabin in the woods to the glitz of nightclub life, to the inner workings of the catholic church, and finally to an ancient chamber in Egypt. When foes become mentors and teachers become lovers – she must make a choice.  

Will she pick the security and privilege her troubled marriage offers, or learn to trust the unseen forces that guide her destiny to the source of her own power?  

And this is what feng shui is all about.

When we align with the unseen forces in nature and within ourselves, we are transformed by life.

That’s Alchemy.


Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA

Rave On

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA

“I’ve been wanting to try Feng Shui for years but kept
putting it off because the process felt overwhelming and
complicated… that was until I found Laura! She breaks down Feng Shui Principles in a way that feels practical and helpful. I applied the principles to my home office and already it feels like a different space with fresh and abundant energy – one where my creativity and inspiration now flows freely!”

Christie Pike, SoulFlow Branding

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA
Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA
Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » ABOUT LAURA

“Working with Laura is beyond transformational! Her intuitive skills are amazing, and she sees, hears, and feels a space knowing what needs to feel clear, balanced, and alive. The ‘secret sauce’ to her approach is Laura’s focus on aligning your body, mind, and space with your heart – so your home feels like the best of you!”

Dr. Anita Pietrofitta,
True Health & Wellness

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