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Soul Alignment 


Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING

Why am I here again? Why is this happening? 

Sanctum Coaching is a whole body approach to healing, including a unique blend of techniques to harmonize your mind, body, spirit & home-because they all work together! 

The solution to life’s challenges is learning to be in right-relationship with yourself and others. As a Spiritual Psychologist, I provide guidance for the practice of conscious awakening, offering tools to answer life’s deepest questions and provide meaning to your current challenges. Personally, I began with a deep dive into my emotional/spiritual health which naturally expanded to my outer world to encompass my physical health and home.                                        I include all four areas in these sessions as needed in a natural progression.

If you’ve been following my health transformation and want my help in this area only, you can book your session here also, and we’ll focus on getting your vitality back. I’ll share what worked for me in a step by step process to navigate health challenges and changing hormones. I’ll show you how to ignite creativity and build confidence to face life changes with renewed vitality and success. If you’re ready to commit to your health, reach out. I’ve been through it and out the other side! Check out my Instagram on the homepage to see my journey. Or follow me @interior.alchemist

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING


  • Release of limiting beliefs 
  • Completion of negative cycles
  • End repetitive relationship patterns
  • Body Alignment & Health support 
  • Potent healing tools for your mind, body, spirit and home 
  • Spiritual Psychology tools for clarity, alignment, and integration
Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING


  • Experience greater vitality in your body
  • Find fulfillment in relationships
  • Freedom from your past patterns
  • Clarity in your present
  • Hear Divine Guidance regularly
  • Live a purpose-driven life of your highest potential

YOUR INVESTMENT: $200/50 min. session

(inquire about package discounts) 

More Raves

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING

“Laura is a rare find! Her clear emotional guidance gave me a renewed confidence that changed my life in every area for the better. Both my relationship and my business feel stronger, more aligned, and fulfilling. She guides the mental, emotional, and physical with great care and honesty.”

Lee Jeans, Associate Broker

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING
Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING
Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » SANCTUM COACHING

“Laura helped me uncover the patterns and beliefs that were holding me back – both physically and emotionally.
She is an extremely knowledgeable health coach and counselor with clear and compassionate guidance which made it easy to move forward and through the issues!”

Gina Tartamella, Realtor

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