Feng shui believes that what we surround ourselves with directly affects the experiences we draw into our life. The effects can be positive or negative. Simply put, our stuff affects our life.
The goal of good feng shui is to attract the positive energy naturally circulating in the earth—called Chi, life force, or cosmic energy—and bring it into our living and working spaces to support our life and improve our luck.

Every area of your life is represented in your space. There is an area for career, clients and travel, creativity and children, relationships, fame and reputation, wealth, family, spirituality, and harmony. We use a grid system to map the energy of a space, called the Bagua Map, or feng shui energy map. It’s based on the ancient Chinese divination text, the I Ching, and locates each of the nine life areas in your space. Then we implement remedies using color, scent, clearing, placement, and The Five Element Theory to balance and elevate the area that corresponds to the area of your life you want to activate.

Many are under the assumption that feng shui is complicated, and to reap the benefits, you’ll have to invest a lot of money. Neither is true. Good feng shui is about developing an “intentional relationship” with what you already own and arranging it in a way that harmonizes your space and benefits your life. In essence, good feng shui is about living in harmony with nature.

Use What You Have to Get What You Want

Begin by walking through your home as if you were entering it for the first time. See with fresh eyes and become aware of how each space makes you feel. Notice where your eye goes, and more importantly, what you avoid looking at. Take note of the rooms that you are most drawn to and the rooms that you avoid. Both rooms represent areas of your life that are either supportive or draining you. This is how you begin to develop an intentional relationship with what you own, which is much better than suffering the effect of an unintentional relationship with your clutter. You can download a free copy of the feng shui map to use yourself here: https://interior-alchemy.mykajabi.com/free-map-download

The good news is that you have the power to shift the energy of your home to one that is uplifting and supportive of your life’s intentions. Here are some simple ways to zap stagnation, raise your home’s vitality, and start attracting supportive, positive experiences using items you already own.

  • Clear Your Clutter – too much stuff clogs up your life.
    Everything you own holds a bit of your own life force. That’s why you feel so good when you clean out our closet or garage. You’ve just regained some vitality back! If you’re feeling tired or depleted, try letting go of anything you don’t use, love or need. When you let go, you open the flow, and you’ll begin feeling energized and inspired to focus on what you really want to create in your life.


  • Bring the Outside In – stimulate your wealth with plants
    Plants are a Wood Element that represents growth and expansion. To raise the vibration of your home and stimulate wealth, add lush green plants to the back left quadrant of your home, office, or desk. Try adding a peace lily, jade tree, or fresh-cut flowers from your garden. Avoid cacti or dried flowers. Grow a mini herb garden in a sunlit window. Herbs represent the spice of life and can add some oomph to your finances.


  • • Shine On – add light and oxygen to get lucky
    The best-kept secret to good feng shui is found in nature, and it’s free! Use sunlight and fresh air to raise the vibration of every area of your life by inviting it into your space daily. It is essential to open your front door regularly as it is considered the “mouth of Chi, “ or where beneficial energy enters your home. Even if you don’t use your front entrance, make it a habit to open the door daily and get your mail, the paper, or greet the day. Lucky energy, or beneficial Chi, rides on the waves of sunlight and fresh air, so opening doors, windows, and blinds are the best way to activate every area of your life with good luck.


  • History Repeats Itself- freshen antiques and used furniture                                                                                            “Predecessor Chi” is a phenomenon where the energy of the person who used something before you clings to the item and lives in your home. If they had good fortune, you would benefit, but if they did not, you would feel the unwanted effects as well. It’s a good idea to clear any furniture or clothing when you don’t know its history. You can do this by “smudging” the item with sage or palo santo sticks. You light them and wave the smoke around the object, visualizing that the smoke carries any negative energy away. If you are in an office environment or smoke sensitive, you can buy sage or palo santo clearing spray and spritz the items.


  • Mother Nature Knows Best- use natural materials to keep your space high-vibe.                                                                Although there are some fun new building materials, like the trend to vinyl plank floors and synthetic countertops, too much of these faux materials can be a feng shui faux pas! This is because natural materials coming from the earth, like stone and wood, resonate at a higher frequency than materials made from plastics and resigns. Consider using green building materials like hemp, cork, and repurposed wood from responsible sources as an alternative.


If your life needs an overall lift, infuse some fresh oomph into your life with these simple remedies that use the power of TOUCH.

  • . Walk around your home and make tiny adjustments in each room.
    • Touch your photographs and slightly rearrange them.
    • Move a chair or sofa a few inches.
    • Dust off your plants.
    • Wipe down your front door with essential oils or white vinegar and water.
    • Touch or move nine items in each room. Nine is the most powerful number in feng shui. It’s the number of quick action and successful completion.

In feng shui, we tap into the power of intention to energize our actions and manifest our goals. See yourself imparting a spark of light to each object you touch, knowing that as you make these adjustments, your life is shifting, opening, and lighting up with renewed energy!

These may seem like simple remedies, but infused with intention, they have the power to transform your space and elevate your life. In feng shui, we never underestimate the power of simplicity. What we own comes to life with our attention and withers when we take things for granted. Ready to raise your vibration?!

Laura Vida, the founder of Interior Alchemy, is a Feng Shui Expert and Spiritual Psychologist backed by three decades of experience. She’s insatiably curious about how our surroundings affect us and offers private and group consultations, workshops, and coaching to bring beauty and harmony into your life—both inside and out. You can find out more at www.lauravida.com and download your free copy of the feng shui energy map here: https://interior-alchemy.mykajabi.com/free-map-download

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