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Feng Shui your life!

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » RESOURCES

Change Your Environment. Change Your Life.
Includes video teaching on how to use the energy map to Feng Shui any space.
A foundational guide for beginners.

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » RESOURCES

Laura’s definitive guide to mastering
the energy of your environment.
This is a complete interactive guide (PDF) for the beginner or advanced student.

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » RESOURCES

Is your home

blocking your flow?

I’ve created this targeted quiz to show you;

  • Where your homes’ energy may be blocked
  • How these energy blocks can affect your life
  • What to do to remedy the space and
    get back in the flow!


Curious What Happy Readers Have to Say?

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » RESOURCES

“Both Laura’s books have completely shifted the way I think about space. They’ve enabled me to understand what my “stuff” is actually calling into my life experience. Immediately I’m seeing and feeling the energy of my home and life shift.

The wisdom inside these books is complementary to anyone on the spiritual or personal development journey. We can all use these powerful books to manifest our dreams and call in what is important to us. I highly recommend Laura’s work.”

– Meghan Zuvelek, Founder, SHEVOLVE


Does the idea of Feng Shui-ing your whole home seem overwhelming?
Have you ever wondered what a practitioner sees in a space and how they clear, balance, and activate a home?

Welcome to my 6-Week Group Coaching Program

Laura Vida, Feng Shui Expert » RESOURCES

You’ll learn to feng shui your home, week
by week, with me as your hands-on guide!

Highlights include:

  • Master the Feng Shui energy map
  • Secrets of the Five Elements
  • Ancient remedies for powerful life activations
  • Advanced space clearing techniques
  • Modern methods in Feng Shui
  • Group support and friendship
  • My Feng Shui secrets gleaned over three decades, and tons more!