• Create a life of meaning?
  • Live and work in a way that feels more in alignment with your Souls Purpose?
  • Answer the longing you feel in your heart and live in a more authentic way?
  • Create an environment that is empowered and activated instead of chaotic or dated?

IF YOU ANSWERED “YES,” to any of these questions and feel the calling in your heart to make a powerful shift, then click the “Contact me” button below to get started right away.

Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual

Back to feeling stuck, tired and uninspired...

I believe that in each one of us lies the seed to our soul’s greatest potential and when we learn how to nurture this seed, it grows into our soul’s grandest expression. I want to share with you a new way of powerfully creating from a feminine foundation that allows you to manifest the life of your dreams without draining yourself…and then empower your environment to support your vision.

The secret is it’s all about vibration;  MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, and HOME…  and what you are, you attract. 

The good news is that you already are a  LIMITLESS BEING and the only thing keeping you feeling anything but are the old programs running in your head keeping you feeling small and the obstacles in your environment blocking your flow. 

Click the button below to CONTACT ME or go to my “WORK WITH ME” page and schedule your free discovery session and we will have a conversation about what you desire for yourself and how I can support you in making the powerful life shifts you desire. Keep scrolling to see my packages and pricing below.

I look forward to being your guide and witnessing your transformation!

Want to know more?



This package includes:

  • Three targeted sessions  to be completed w/in 2 months as follows:
  • One 60 min SKYPE or FaceTime intensive of Soul-Centered Coaching to identify the primary life area you want to activate.
  • Two 60-minute follow up calls to activate your intentions anchor the new alignments in your home. 
  • Investment: $500.00 
  •  Includes a Virtual Feng Shui consultation for the primary area of your life you want to activate: (career and purpose, travel, creativity/children, relationship, fame/recognition, wealth, clients, spirituality or overall balance)

(Think of it like a shot of espresso to jump-start your life!)


This ongoing program offers 6 weeks of Soul-Centered Coaching with targeted feng shui activation in your home or business, and email support between sessions for those who are ready to dig in, release the blocks and get to transforming already!

This package includes:

  • Six 60-minute SKYPE, FaceTime or phone sessions to be completed w/in 3 months
  • A targeted Virtual Feng Shui activation for the corresponding area of your life we are focused on allowing you to clear, anchor and powerfully realign your life into motion!
  • A written document summarizing the Feng Shui recommendations will be provided.
  • Ongoing support as you make changes via text and email as needed.
  • Investment: Paid in Full discount: $999.00 (or two monthly payments of $550.00)

(Think of this package a cappuccino, warm, multilayered and invigorating!)


This is a full 12-week program for women ready to show up, step forward and leave their unique mark on the world! Together we identify your desires and clarify them while releasing any blocks, outdated stories or irrational beliefs blocking your expansion. Here we will discover what your Soul has been whispering to you for many years, turn up the volume and move into right-relationship with that voice so you can expand into your Soul’s unique purpose by making powerful mindset shifts and purposeful action steps to draw your desires to you.  I will share heart-centered tools for discerning your path and offer support and guidance along the way with both Soul-Centered Coaching for your heart and mind and Feng Shui alignments for your home to anchor these shifts as we go along.


This level of commitment to yourself offers the greatest potential for clarity, balance and life-shifting growth!

This package includes:

  • Twelve 60-minute SKYPE, FaceTime or phone sessions to be completed w/in 6 months
  • Recommended reading, meditations, techniques and/or visualizations
  • Ongoing email and text support as needed
  • Soul-Centered techniques and tools for connection and integration
  • A multi-layered Virtual Feng Shui activation for your home addressing targeted areas relating to the issues you are working through along the three +months process in order to raise the vibration of your space and support the changes you desire to see in your life.
  • Can include at least two areas of your home or business for activation with transcendental and practical feng shui remedies
  • Written feng shui recommendations will be provided for your reference along with texting support for photos and design questions. 
  • These can include multiple SKYPE or FACETIME visits.

Investment: Paid in Full Discount: $2,500.00 (or 2 consecutive monthly payments of $1,350.00)

                        (Think of this like a Mocha Latte Frappuccino with chocolate shavings on top: full-bodied, satisfying and sprinkled with delightful and divine surprises!)



$125.00 per 50-minute session                                                    

Sessions are conducted in person, via phone, ZOOM or FaceTime.

Sessions are focused on getting unstuck, deeply reconnecting and courageously moving forward in your life to make the changes you truly desire for yourself. You no longer need to be the man in your life to get what you desire. Support and clarity are here for you!

Using the tools of Spiritual Psychology we will:

  •  Identifying your spiritual blocks

  • Remove limiting stories that are holding you back

  • Learn tools to strengthen your connection to your Inner Divinity

  • Understand how to recognize and answer the call of The Divine Feminine

  • Learn how to create your life from a Feminine Foundation in both your personal and business life



                                 FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE IN SEDONA

One on one Soul-Centered Coaching in Sedona so you can connect with the transformative powers of the Red Rocks. Location to be determined and hiking is an option! You’ll leave feeling unburdened, clear and inspired for your life’s next steps! 

 “When you clear both your internal and exterior clutter, you are free to flow in the direction of your soul’s highest purpose”. 

Feng Shui your Life in Sedona: $300.00

Group pricing available:


Gift yourself the benefit of additional Interior Alchemy Activations for supporting areas of your home or business at a discounted price as a special add-on to any package to really up-level and empower your life!

We are unconsciously affected by our surroundings. Interior Alchemy uses a soulful approach to Feng Shui design as a foundational key to creating EMPOWERED ENVIRONMENTS  that support your life’s grandest intentions.

Once the process of self-discovery is well underway and we have activated the corresponding life area of your home or business with Virtual Feng Shui, your life will begin to flow again. This movement may uncover other areas of your life that need activation to help support your main goals.  For example, you may be working on transforming your wealth consciousness, money, and your value. Once this area of your home is activated and your life begins to shift, you may find that your visibility, reputation, and recognition in the world needs to uplevel in order to play a supporting role in your wealth consciousness transformation. This might be because you are starting a new business or changing careers, for example, and so activating the south quadrant of your home or office is in order.

I will give you the powerful ancient secrets to activate your life in order to open the flow of abundance in your mind, body, spirit and your home so you can RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and start attracting, receiving and living in alignment with the highest calling of your soul’s purpose!


PURCHASED WITH ANY FULL COACHING PACKAGE ANY TIME DURING YOUR PROCESS = $300 PER LIFE AREA (because I really want you to experience the benefit of feng shui mastery!)




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