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“You can’t transform something that isn’t conscious.”

Interior Alchemy is a powerful process of Soul-Centered Life Coaching combined with Feng Shui Interior Design to help you release the outdated stories that are no longer serving you and realign your space in a way that supports the changes you desire. 

 It’s time to Feng Shui your life!


(transitive verb)

To let somebody or something go. Stop clutching something. Let something out.


The process to fully align with your souls’ purpose resides in your ability to self reflect and realign whenever an upset arises. There are tools that I can teach you that will help this process become more automatic so that you can put a stop to the self-limiting beliefs that are unconsciously drawing challenging experiences and repetitive patterns to you.

I incorporate the principle of Spiritual Psychology as the foundation for Transformational Coaching to offer a higher perspective and new paradigm for your life so you will be able to navigate through with more ease and grace. I will give you the tools to overcome life’s hurdles and release limiting stories while uncovering the perfection in the process. By shifting your focus to the belief that your life is happening for and not to you, you can uncover the gold in the lesson and stand forward in your life with new purpose and intention. You will live a richer and more fulfilling life! You will MOVE FORWARD with ease, grace, connection, and excitement! This is not only possible but is your birthright. The world is waiting for your unique gifts!

That nagging feeling of “what am I here for or why am I back in this place again” can be the richest place to begin your journey down the path of total life transformation.

Do you find yourself feeling stuck, repeating the same patterns, facing similar challenges or somehow dating the same people in a new disguise? 

Do you feel “blocked” in an area of your life, unable to see clearly the next step or need the courage to stand forward? 

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To change something to fit a new situation


Interior Alchemy uses a soulful approach to Feng Shui design based on the ancient Hermetic theory that states “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” as the key to creating transformational spaces that support your life’s intentions.

Through a process of self-discovery and a feng shui mapping of your space, we uncover areas of stagnation in your home or office that affect your ability to live your life to the fullest. Then we realign your intentions and redesign your environment. We harmonize your space using ancient and modern feng shui techniques capable of both supporting your goals and powerfully transforming your life.

We are unconsciously affected by our surroundings. If your space feels lifeless, dated or no longer reflects the life you want to live…    Let’s talk!



The Interior Alchemy Process:


1. IDENTIFY the area of your life that feels stuck or is currently challenging.

2. UNCOVER the limiting beliefs, judgments and stories you have built around the challenges by asking yourself:

“What story am I telling myself about what this situation means about me or someone else”?
“How I have I judged them, the situation or myself”?

3. WORK THE PROCESS using Spiritual Psychology techniques  to release the limiting beliefs and replace them with what is actually true by asking yourself:

“Why have I drawn this into my life at this time?”
“How can this be happening FOR me and what could my Soul be trying to teach me through this challenge”?

4. AFFIRM the higher truth of the other, the situation and/or yourself and identify concrete steps that will move you forward with Transformational Life Coaching.


5. MAP the challenging area of your life using the Interior Alchemy Map/Bagua your interior space. principles and empower touchstone reminders to anchor and reinforce your intentions.

6. ACTIVATE your interiors with modern feng shui techniques to anchor and reinforce your new intentions with empowered clarity.

7. ADD GRATITUDE to raise the vibration!