Your Environment Elevated

Learn Feng Shui with Laura Vida


Find the clarity you’re searching for in our targeted Feng Shui coaching session.
You’ll be privy to my 30-year Feng Shui savvy—including my geomancy, interior design,
spiritual psychology, and sacred space resources.


  • 50-min phone, Zoom, or Facetime consultation
  • An Interior Alchemy Feng Shui energy map to use at home
  • Support and expert guidance
  • Clarity on your next steps


  • Identify the most powerful place to begin Feng Shui-ing your space
  • Discern if you have a limiting belief, and how to release it
  • Discover the most potent Feng Shui activation to shift your life



Infuse your home or business with the power of Feng Shui.
Elevate your environment to improve and enrich all areas of your life with this transformational consultation.


  • A multi-layered Feng Shui activation for your home or business, including a Clarity Call, and also a video walkthrough of your space to identify areas of improvement.
  • Traditional and modern remedies to rebalance the energy of your space, and take your life to the next level.
  • Support & expert guidance – email & text for questions, photos & shares.
  • Inner & outer space clearing tools to maintain a high vibration in your space and your life.
  • Recording or written follow-up instructions of our session.
  • Copy of my Soulful Home video & digital guide, including the energy map to use anywhere.
  • Consults on Zoom or Facetime. In-person consultation may be available with additional travel costs.


The VIP Consult

Every Feng Shui situation is unique. VIP consultations are available for more nuanced situations.

Book a complimentary Discovery Call and we can discuss your individual needs.

What surrounds us affects us.

Does the idea of Feng Shui-ing your whole home seem overwhelming?
Have you ever wondered what a practitioner sees in a space and how they clear, balance, and activate a home?

I’m sharing my top tips, gleaned over three decades, so you can feel confident Feng Shui-ing your home with the support you need to make some palpable shifts – along with a small group of like-minded friends who’ll cheer you on each week!

(Oh, and don’t worry if you miss a week, the sessions are recorded.)

Welcome to my 6-Week Group Coaching Program!

You’ll learn to Feng Shui your home – week by week – with me
as your hands-on guide in an effective and affordable way.

Want to learn more? All the details and sign up are here: